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FREE Anti-Virus Software

  • avast! - Our avast! Free Antivirus often outperforms our competitors´ paid products and is the minimum protection you should have — it provides great protection against viruses and spyware.
  • AVG - Free Antivirus Software - AVG Internet Security was rated Number 1 in threat detection by AV-Test Org May-August 2010.

Conference and Video Calling

  • FreeConferenceCall.com - Free conference calls are simple and easy to use, requiring only a name and an e-mail address to receive an instant account. Once you enter your name and e-mail address, you will be instantaneously provided with a dial-in number and access code for immediate phone conferencing. Your teleconferencing line is available to you 24/7 and there is no need to schedule or make reservations. Each conference call account accommodates 96 callers on an unlimited number of 6 hour free conference calls.
  • Skype - Internet service featuring video conferencing, phone calling and instant messaging in an easy to use low cost application. Great for long distance calling and video conferencing.

Marketing and Website Building

  • Constant Contact - Constant Contact is an all in one marketing solution for your company. Email marketing is very simple and can be extremely effectives using this service.
  • Google Analytics - Google is the king of free offerings, and Analytics is often cited as one of the most valuable free tools there is. Using this program, you can track activity on your website (traffic, conversions, visitor behavior) easily and in real-time. The best part is that the information is presented in an easy-to-understand format (think simple graphs and visual aids). You can also use it to track e-commerce website sales, marketing campaign efficacy (even if you don’t use a Google advertising program, like AdWords) and just about any other valuable statistic.
  • JBlast Broadcast Faxing - • No monthly fees, No setup fees • Send hundreds, even thousands of faxes with ease! • Easy Fax List and Document Upload • Send multiple Fax Broadcasts simultaneously • Online / Real-time fax broadcast projects statistics • "Do Not Fax" list management • Personalize your documents with Mail Merge
  • OfficePrinter2 - Go from design flunky to graphic genius in less than 60 seconds. This creative program helps you put together business cards, address labels, letterhead, and CD labels in a snap.
  • Salesforce.com - Salesforce.com offers a powerful combination of performance, functionality, and affordability to help businesses significantly enhance their customer-facing operations.
  • Snap Pages - A simple website builder that allows even the most technologically oblivious entrepreneurs to build a flashy, functional website. The user interface is similar to that on a Mac computer–think drop-and-drag features, intuitive functionality, and simple, clean lines. The basic service, which allows you to build a simple site, is free, a paid, upgraded version is also available.

Online Storage, Backup and File Sharing

  • Drop Box - This is a free tool for online file backup and storage. You can store documents online, set security permissions and download the documents from any PC or smartphone.
  • Pando - Pando is a free file sharing software that makes downloading, streaming and sharing large media files fast, easy and fun. Need to email large attachments, IM a folder, or publish your downloadable videos to the Web? Meet Pando.

Word Processing and Spreadsheet Tools

  • Google Docs - This is a free collaboration tool that has programs for word processing, spreadsheets, power point presentations, etc. All documents can be stored and shared online with a few simple steps.
  • OpenOffice.Org - Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) is still the gold standard for most big companies, and is the one program that nearly everyone on the planet knows how to use. Licenses (which typically allow for non-simultaneous use on up to three machines) can run into the hundreds of dollars- a price that might be out of reach for many startups. OpenOffice provides an easy, flexible alternative to programs like Google Docs (which earns an honorable mention as a great free product in its own right).


  • Resource Nation - Finding an accounting service, a phone system, a background check service, or any other highly specialized business service vendor can be tough. For example, asking Google for the “top payroll processing providers” can return literally thousands of results to sift through. Resource Nation screens these vendors for you, and returns results based on your specifications (local companies, those that serve smaller businesses, etc.). While you’re looking for a vendor, check out the free guides on everything from setting up a payroll company account to forming a business entity.
  • Reverse Mortgage Guides - Reverse Mortgage Guides is a reverse mortgage education site that explains many of the pros and cons of HECM reverse mortgages for homeowners. We publish articles and tools for seniors who are considering a reverse mortgage and want to become fully educated before making a decision. We offer a reverse mortgage calculator and detailed reverse mortgage information.

Remote Access Solutions

  • LogMeIn Free - LogMeIn Free gives you remote control of your PC or Mac from any other computer with an Internet connection. Simply install LogMeIn on the computer you want to access (it takes about 2 minutes), log into your account from another computer and click the computer you want to control. You'll see its desktop and be able to use all the applications on your remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it - even if you're across town, across the country, or across the world.
  • Team Viewer - TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it. Find out why more than 100 million users trust TeamViewer!

Social Networking

  • Facebook - Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.
  • LinkedIn - Your professional network of trusted contacts gives you an advantage in your career, and is one of your most valuable assets. LinkedIn exists to help you make better use of your professional network and help the people you trust in return. Our mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. We believe that in a global connected economy, your success as a professional and your competitiveness as a company depends upon faster access to insight and resources you can trust.
  • Tumblr - Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Users can follow other users, or choose to make their tumblelog private. The service emphasizes ease of use.
  • Twitter - Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated information. It's easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of topics.
  • Four Square
  • Yelp

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